About Us

The practice was founded in 1851 and is founded on the values of professionalism, commitment, integrity and friendliness, and is one of the few law firms in Ireland still led by a family member. The firm has been a leading participant in the legal and business circles of Cork and Ireland over the last 150 years, and with each generation the firm has continued to grow and prosper.

Our distinct heritage and vision for the future means that we remain dedicated to the value of our founders while ensuring we can remain at the forefront of our profession. The crest of the Donegan family, which is the ethos of the family and the Firm is “Virtus Non Vertiture” which translates to mean “truth /integrity/ capacity and goodness, cannot be deflected or corrupted”. This motto which forms the ethos of the firm ensures the client is protected to the best of our ability at all times with integrity.

The firm specialises in commercial law, property law, taxation, plaintiff litigation, employment law, inheritance and probate law, and also offers family law, intellectual property law and environmental law. The firm believes that law by its very nature requires an innovative and professional approach to ensure clients’ interests are protected at all times, and where possible, are strengthened and enhanced. This ensures that our services continue to grow to provide an outstanding level of professional advice to all our clients.